Trade Show Mania

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Trade Show Mania

April 16, 2018 Uncategorized 0
Normandeau Roofing Trade Show

Trade shows and events are growing in popularity every year and are a great way to connect with many of our customers and clients. Some event displays cost millions of dollars in their display such as Automakers for example. However those are extreme.

In today’s custom print and design market their are many new options for any small business, organization, charity and artisans to have a truly custom and unique event media that suits their style and budget and still stand out amongst your competitors.

Shown here is a great example of a 8 foot custom table cloth, 10 foot Curved Edge Ultra Light Media Wall, 100lb Glossy Trifold Brochures and Custom Lanyards and coffee mugs under $2,000 including design.



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