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Custom Boxes

Custom Boxes

Establish brand identity, and get the exact size/shape to fit your customers’ needs with promotional Custom Boxes! Printed on durable, bright white stocks with brilliant options like Akuafoil and Spot UV, promotional Custom Boxes grab attention on retail shelves and elevate your brand. They’re fully customizable and include custom die cutting and the option to add gluing services.

Notes: Custom Boxes are shipped flat
Glue areas must be free of ink and coating

To order Custom Boxes simply click on “Custom Packaging” in Step 1 of our online Order & Quote Form.



Popular Uses & Ideas

  • Business Card Holders
  • Storage Boxes for Small Items
  • Promotional Packaging
  • Merchandise Packaging
  • Custom Retail Packaging
  • Electronics Packaging
  • Health & Beauty Product Packaging
  • Apparel & Accessories Packaging
  • Gift Boxes

  • Sizes
    • Custom
  • Stock Types
    • 18 PT C1S
  • Run Sizes
    • 250 to 25,000
  • Glue Options
    • Glue Auto Lock Bottom
    • Glue Straight Line
  • Style Options
    • Four Panel
    • Tray Style
    • Other
  • Closures
    • Four Corners Beers Tray
    • Reverse Tuck End
    • Straight Tuck End
    • Tuck Top Auto Bottom
  • Coating Options ?SPOT UV CoatingA liquid coating applied to the printed piece only in specific areas as opposed to all over coating. Indicate what areas you would like to have UV by providing a mask file where UV areas are black and No UV areas are white.UV CoatingA liquid coating applied on the box, which is then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light. This coating is used to provide a protective coating to the printed image. Please note that you CAN NOT write or imprint on uv coated jobs.No Coating
    • Spot UV, Front Only
    • UV Coating, Front Only
    • No Coating
  • Color Options ?All available color options
    • 4/0