SSL Certificates

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SSL Security Certificates

Standard SSL


Let customers know their private details are safe. Same security as our competitors for up to 90% less.

Verifies your domain control & secures your site.

  • Domain validated
  • Issued within minutes
  • $100,000 warranty

Ideal for Microsoft Exchange Server®

Plan Features

  • 1 certificate protects AND
  • 24/7 live support
  •  Site seal options

Premium SSL


Most extensive validation. Ideal for eCommerce.

  • Domain and company validated
  • Trusted green browser bar
  • Free 1 year Standard SSL‡‡
  • $1,000,000 warranty

Single Domain – $102.49/yr

Multiple Domains UCC – $233.18/yr

Ideal for Microsoft Exchange Server® Up to 5 domains

  • One SSL covers unlimited servers
  • Work with all major browsers
  • Cost up to 90% less
  •  Backed by industry-best 24/7 support
  • Among the first to feature green browser bar

Standard SSL
Domain Validated Certificate
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Premium SSL
Extended Validation Certificate
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Price $30.74/yr $102.49/yr
Verification process
Site secured within minutes.
Validates domain ownership. Verifies the person making the request has administrative rights.
Fast electronic process.
Low cost.
Most extensive validation process.
Validates domain ownership and verifies the overall legitimacy of the business through extensive vetting.
Site indicators
Trusted green
address bar
– – –
https:// prefix
yes yes
Padlock icon
yes yes
Verification Seal Options
Certificate verifies
Company Validated
– – – yes
Domain control
yes yes
256-bit encryption yes yes
Enforces 2048-bit CSR encryption for higher security. yes yes
Warranty $100,000/yr $1,000,000/yr
99.9% browser recognition yes yes
Covers unlimited servers yes yes
Unlimited re-issue period yes yes